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I was my own first patient.

I came across movement therapy when I’d finally had enough of how terrible my body felt. No matter what exercise or sport I did, my body complained with pain and tightness. Even sleeping was uncomfortable, and the symptoms ranged from headaches, pelvic pain, backache, sciatica, random lumps and bumps on my joints.

My kidneys even went into temporary failure, as I was popping anti inflammatory pills to help with my pain.

Looking back, I was in a mess, and just didn’t know what else to do to live a happy, symptom free life.

My diet was good, I was doing everything I was supposed to do to live a healthy lifestyle; like cardio, lifting weights, running, but whatever I did to stay fit, made me feel awful.

I went to see a chiropractor for 2 years and whilst I had good results, these results didn’t last, and I would have to have regular appointments to adjust joints that didn’t want to stay where they were meant to.

The chiropractor diagnosed me with hyper mobility syndrome and explained my joint were more flexible that most people’s, but I couldn’t understand that, if that was the case, why was I so tight in muscles and in my body, if I was so flexible??

  I went to a sports masseuse every month and after a year I would be tighter before every appointment. I knew what I was doing was not working and something had to change as I couldn’t imagine living like this into old age and I was only 41! Nobody could answer my questions about why my body was behaving like it was.

 I wanted lasting results and was hungry to find something that would empower me to achieve the results. I stumbled on the EGOSCUE METHOD, through a trained therapist. I started working with her, and what she said made so much sense, actually more sense than anyone had ever made to me before. However, the most important factor was that my body responded to the therapy in extraordinary ways. I’d achieved my impossible and believe you me, my impossible had a capital I.

I was astounded at how my body felt, I couldn’t remember ever feeling like this before. I started sleeping without pain and woke up not hurting. My sleeping position even changed! It was a no brainer.  The effect the therapy had on me, was so powerful, that after just one session, I started studying to become a Posture Alignment Therapist.

I’m qualified as a PAS 1 and PAS 2 (Postural Alignment qualifications).